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Conversation with Melissa Breyer


image courtesy of melissa breyer

Ward and Antonio speak with street photog Melissa Breyer. Melissa is an award-winning photographer and author whose work has appeared in National Geographic and The New York Times. Her current role is that of Editorial Director at, a site with the mission of helping ordinary citizens make their lifestyle and our planet more sustainable. She is co-author of the 2014's best-selling photo workout manual "Build Your Running Body: A Total-Body Fitness Plan" Her images in New York Times' 2017 Album feature "The Quiet Moments of Waitresses at Work" depicts her subjects often with power, strength and dignity to present them as a the star in their own film. She spoke with us about a new book from Prestel Publishing called "Women Street Photographers". She has contributed both an image and an essay in this new work and joined us from in New York City.



image courtesy of melissa breyer

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Melissa's Instagram

"Women Street Photographers"


Ward Rosin's Website, Instagram feed and Facebook page.

Ornis Photo Website 





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A Herzog Appreciation

(Midway Gamblers, Calgary, 2019 ©Ward Rosin)


I'm joined by Ward Rosin on this episode as we dive into Fred Herzog's "Modern Color" book. Not a review, per se, but more of an appreciation. Herzog is one of those "colorist" street photographers from the late 50s and 60s, photographing mainly in the city of Vancouver, Canada. Ward and I skim through some of the more thought provoking images in the book as well as discuss the controversy of a 2012 interview with Herzog. Also, stay tuned until the end where I make a much anticipated announcement.


Show Links:

The Estate of Fred Herzog



Saul Leiter

Ernst Haas

Walker Evans

Eugène Atget

Bart Busschots

Ward Rosin's Website, Instagram feed and Facebook page.

Ornis Photo Website 



Dispatches from Green-Wood 11



After a rather long enforced absence due to Covid 19 AND joblessness, I'm back with a rambling walk in my favorite outdoor podcasting location, Green-Wood. Also, I'm making an announcement about an announcement, if that makes any sense. 




Lens Hangover



For this first show of 2021, I have the pleasure of chatting with my buddy Ward Rosin again. This episode we're going on about my lens-buying binge during the past ten months and just lenses in general. Also, Ward tells us about his new lens "lemonade" stand. It's a bit of a long show and you'll prove your fandom if you listen to the whole thing. So grab your beverage of choice...


Show Links:

Ward Rosin's Website, Instagram feed and Facebook page.

Ornis Photo Website 

Click here to see Ward's pix using the 7Artisan's 35mm lens

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“Computer, Enhance!” A Chat with Bryan Minear


(image courtesy of ©Bryan Minear)


This last episode of 2020 (and my 3rd of December!) I chat with my friend Bryan Minear about processing. I was inspired to talk with Bryan after he posted a video he made of himself processing images in Capture One. I wanted to discuss this question that popped into my head: Has processing given us a solution for a problem that wasn’t there? While we don't fully answer this, I believe this is a beginning of a longer discussion about processing our photographs using apps like Capture One and the new artificial intelligence features of apps like Photoshop and Luminar AI. Processing is integral for many photographers (Bryan and myself included) whose visual voice is completed when they take their images into the digital darkroom, but is it possible to lose control over our creativity?


Show Links:

Bryan Minear: Website & Twitter

Bryan's Video

Luminar AI

Photoshop AI features

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Dispatches from Green-Wood 10


Another jaunt to Green-Wood because it's one of the places I can gather my thoughts. This time I'm talking a little bit about my new lens and a lot bit about what it takes to judge a photo competition. Also, my thoughts (and a suggestion) about self critique.


Show links:

Sean Tucker's video "How to get Good Feedback on your Photography (Reviews, Mentors and Travel Companions)"

See more photos here:


Dispatches from Green-Wood 9


Yet another Dispatch from Green-Wood. What's new? During this walk I post a small challenge to myself and the rest of you. Also chat a little about my foray into bird photography. You can view more images here:


Some of the hawks I photographed:





Basquiat's grave marker:


Dispatches from Green-Wood 8


Another walk and talk through Green-Wood Cemetery today. This time I'm talking mostly about my addiction to buying lenses during the pandemic and I dive into a couple old stories. It's what I do. :-) Look for the photos I mention in the show here


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Dispatches from Green-Wood, No. 7



Well, I think I've done enough shows from Green-Wood Cemetery to now officially name these segments "Dispatches from Green-Wood." This is dispatch number seven (who knows if I've done six previous ones). So, these are my thoughts about pinhole lenses and how I try to keep my foot in the photography world every day. 

Show Links:

Brooks Jenson Lenswork


Images shot with Thingyfy Pinhole Lenses









Chat with Dan Bailey



This episode I had the great honor of speaking with adventure photographer Dan Bailey. Lately I've been binging his YouTube videos and after I saw enough I realized I needed to talk to this guy. His photography is incredibly compelling and his desire to share his knowledge (through workshops, books and his videos) and inspiring outlook on life is equally so. I had a great time talking to Dan and expect him back on the show sometime in the near future. 




Dan Bailey Photography

Dan's You Tube

X Series Unlimited eBook



Dan's photos:













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