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Poetry of Coincidence Redux


This week since I'm not feeling that great, rather than have no episode, I decided to rerun one of our earlier shows with an interview with photographer and podcaster, Marco Larousse. Tom and I interviewed Marco over two episodes but I glued them together to make it just one show. Yes, that means Tom is back! Here are the show notes from those episodes:

Marco started taking pictures as a young teen and has never looked back. Digital and film are part of his repertoire and despite some of the differences shooting in Germany versus the U.S. (particularly with privacy laws), Marco and the Switch to Manual guys find they share the same passion for capturing images from the street. His striking photography along with his Fuji X Files blog (where he shares techniques, tips, and reviews of Fujifilm's great X-series cameras) helped him gain a rare slot as an official Fujifilm X Photographer.

Marco’s work can be found on his website where you can also check out his Fuji X Files blog. It’s a  wonderful resource if you own a Fuji X camera and if you don't own one, you'll probably going to want to get one after reading it. Marco can also be found on Twitter and on Flickr.

UPDATE: Marco can also be found on his podcasting site

Deep Dive


Another stroll through Green-Wood with my camera, a Lensbaby, and my microphone. On this walk, I ruminate on some "deep dives" I've taken recently, studying some of the famous photographers such as W. Eugene Smith and Irving Penn. Also, some encounters with geese.

Clear Skies Ahead


Wonderful show this week as I'm joined by my friends Mac Sokulski from the ShutterTime podcast and Fujifilm X photographer Bryan Minear. This show is a somewhat sideways response to Shuttertime episode 232 "The Replacements" where Mac goes on a little rant about (lazy) photographers who decide to replace flawed skies with newly purchased stock skies (I found these for sale on Etsy). I decided to ask Mac to come on the show, along with landscape photographer Bryan Minear, to flesh out the discussion about using manipulations to improve an image. This is not a pro or anti-Photoshop discussion; more, we talk about what we all do, at some level, to create images that speak to the viewers.

Happy Photography Week


This week I'm wondering, out loud, what's going to happen to the "Switch to Manual" brand. Also, I had a couple of nice photography experiences that I'm sharing with you all regarding my adventures back into shooting film and a photo technique revived from the 90s. 

Show Links:

David Szweduik's Adventures in Creativity Episode 12 "Unleashing your creative workflow in one simple step"

The Darkroom

Antonio's Gallery

ShutterTime Podcast

Harold Ross Light Painting


Collaborate or Cry


The start of the new year brings all sorts of self-promises and resolutions. This year, I'm taking the advice from Mac of the Shuttertime podcast: choosing a single word to guide me throughout the year. The word I pick is "collaboration." Find out what I hope that word will mean for me in 2019. In regards to collaboration, I reveal a little news in regards to that word. 

Also, I give a little update into my foray into shooting film. Yes, film! This should be interesting.

Happy New Year to all! 


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Have We Got A Story To Tell

What started out as an idea I wanted to explore about our photos telling a story, morphed into a great discussion with my friend and photographer Ward Rosin about whether or not photographs on their own can tell stories or need to be part of some larger narrative. 

Show Links:


Ward Rosin

"Between Dust and Sky"

Red Hook Ramblings


Mid-December and I find myself wandering the streets of Brooklyn again, camera in one hand and iPhone microphone in the other and an overly active mind. Join me as I ramble on about photography while walking and taking pix through one of my favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Red Hook. 

Here's my Flickr album from that day of shooting:


Creative Oasis


When the world around us is too overwhelming, where do we go to find respite? A "creative oasis" perhaps? The definition of an oasis is "something that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast." How can we find these oases? Join me and my buddy Mark Reierson in an intimate discussion of exploration as we try to figure out together where these oases exist and what we can do when we find them. This show comes from an idea I had after being on the ShutterTime podcast with Mac and we explored a subject together while recording the show. It's a slightly new format which I'd like to try again. I hope you find the chat with Mark as fascinating as I did. 

And big props to my buddy David Szweduik for the fantastic oasis drawing!

Chat with Alex Ford


This episode I get the chance to chat with someone who I've only known through social media. Six years ago, Alex Ford and I connected on Twitter for the first time as I was live tweeting from my Brooklyn home as Superstorm Sandy crashed into New York City. That was the same year Alex decided to retire from the British military and become a professional portrait and wedding photographer. Join me as I chat with my friend about what it was like for him to end his military career and begin a new one as a photographer. What I learn from Alex is his photography is something that literally saved his life.

Alex's photos:









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I’ll show you.


It's October and you know what that means? PhotoPlus East Expo. I walked the floor for a couple days and give you my take on what I'm seeing presented here. Also, I manage to get one interview with this greatyoung  company about their new gadget.