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Dispatches from Green-Wood


Well, we've officially entered the Twilight Zone. Because of this, I needed to clear my head a little so I decided to do the show during one of my photo strolls through Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. I'm going to be working on my own YouTube channel and in this episode I share what I have planned. Also, just some of my personal thoughts about the current world situation.



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Shiny Stuff and Lartigue



Another busy freelance week means I'm rebroadcasting a show from last April, with me and Ward Rosin doing a deep dive on Jacques-Henri Lartigue. Also, a quick update on some future plans and shiny objects that are distracting me. 


Bryan Minear's X-T4 Preview


Here are the notes from Episode 96 regarding Lartigue:


In this episode, I'm joined by my buddy Ward Rosin and we do a deep dive into the photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue. 

Ward and I touch on many aspects of Lartigue's work including his love of speed and his use of one of the first color photography processes called "Autochrome." We make some interesting discoveries during our chat and I'm sure you will too as you listen to us both talk about a photographer we've admired for a long time.

This is the first of what will be a regular feature on Street Shots. The idea of talking about interesting and exceptional photographers with a buddy has been something I've wanted to do on the show for a while now. Any feedback is appreciated. 

Show Links:

Ward Rosin's Website, Instagram feed and Facebook page.

Ted Forbes “TheArt of Photography” - "The Color Photography of Jacques-Henri Lartigue"

Ted Forbes “TheArt of Photography” - "Lartigue"

Autochrome Process

Explanation of the distortion in the racing image.

Guardian article on Lartigue

Boyhood photos of J.H. Lartigue

Book - Lartigue: Life in Color

What the Camera Saw


This episode started as a riff on the title but evolves (or devolves) into just a chat about photography. Does the camera see more than we do when we are shooting? The camera: does it work for us or do we work for it? My buddy Ward joins me in hashing out some of these questions.


Here are some shots of our bookshelves:





A couple of Ward's shots of steam trains:





Ward Rosin's Website, Instagram feed and Facebook page.

TED Talk - Finding a Visual Identity in the Digital Age | Ralph Gibson

Ibarionex's The Candid Frame #500 - Joel Meyerowitz

Street Shots Patreon Page



By The Numbers

Numbers, numbers, numbers. Did you ever notice how many numbers were involved in this thing we call “photography?” Well, I just did. Well, no, not really but an experience with some students got me thinking about all the numbers we have to deal with just to create an image. Also, I eulogize a recent “passing.


Sorry for the rerun. Was told I uploaded wrong audio for this episode. I deleted the previous post and am sending a new one. Apologies for the mixup. This is the correct episode.


After having been to a recent family event where a slide show was presented, I ponder some of the meaning of these shows and how will we be making these in the future. How will future generations be able to create these shows for family events if there is no shoebox full of old prints and slides to scan? Also, I bitch a little about Epson printers and praise Blurb bookmakers. 


In this last episode of the year (and the decade), Mark Reierson and I discuss the idea of "photographic insomnia." Yeah, don't ask me to explain it. Just listen to Mark and I work out this idea, describe what we think it is and how we can work through it.


The Unusual Collective Home Page

Mark Reierson's Website and Instagram feed

Patreon Page

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We the Creators Podcast

Why Again?

Slept late and didn't have a topic other than what I did these past couple of weeks in photography and a rerun of episode #70 from March 2018, called "The Why." Here's the description of that show: 

In this 70th episode, Antonio ponders the "why" in photography. Why do we care about taking pictures? Why do we want to share our photos in social media? Why do we care? Why, why, why? We all would like to know the "why" when we take pictures and why we want to show them and why we keep them. and why we photograph what we photograph. This is more a stream of consciousness than any really defined subject of photography.  Join Antonio on this wondering journey, as he begins this discussion which is sure to continue well past the end of this show. 


Show Links:

Why do we take pictures? – Sushicam

Overexposed? Camera Phones Could Be Washing Out Our Memories : NPR

“Mirrors With Memories”: Why Did Victorians Take Pictures of Dead People? | Mental Floss

This Photographer Deleted His Social Media with 1.5 Million Followers

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Creative Oasis Redux

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday and my usual hectic schedule, I'm repeating episode 86 from last year's end-of-November show called "Creative Oasis." I'll work on having some fresh content for mid-December but until then, if you haven't already heard this episode, I hope you'll enjoy it. It was a great discussion about creativity and what we can do to spark it in ourselves. Here are the notes from that show: 

When the world around us is too overwhelming, where do we go to find respite? A "creative oasis" perhaps? The definition of an oasis is "something that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast." How can we find these oases? Join me and my buddy Mark Reierson in an intimate discussion of exploration as we try to figure out together where these oases exist and what we can do when we find them. This show comes from an idea I had after being on the ShutterTime podcast with Mac and we explored a subject together while recording the show. It's a slightly new format which I'd like to try again. I hope you find the chat with Mark as fascinating as I did. 


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Mark Reierson's Website and Instagram feed

Patreon Page

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You Press the Button


This episode, I’ve been inspired by my buddy Bart Busschots podcast where he talks about computational photography and whether or not it actually is photography. My experiences with new iPhone 11 got me thinking about this as well and I thought I’d share my feelings about this subject. 

Photos taken with Focos App:






Let’s Talk Photography

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The Unusual Collective



I'm joined by my friend Ward Rosin again, this time not for the promised "cage match" but to talk about what taking a trip to an unfamiliar place can do for your shooting. Ward recounts his nine-day visit to Guanajuato City, Mexico in February 2019 and how being there changed the nature of his street shooting style. I also chat a bit about how my recent trip to an upstate town did the same for me but maybe not as profoundly as Ward . We also geek out a little on the new Fuji X-Pro 3 camera and how it might enhance a photo trip to a new place.


Ward Rosin's Website, Instagram feed and Facebook page.


"A WALKER IN HIS SHOES" Antonio M. Rosario - The Unusual Collective


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