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Stopped In Our Tracks


Sparked by a topic suggestion from a listener, Antonio called up his longtime friend Sean Justice to talk about what are the not-so-technical aspects that make a photo “great.” Sean’s an educator and visual artist living in Texas, and was the perfect fit to discuss the question of “what makes a photograph stop us in our tracks?” Spoilers: there’s no (simple) answer. Sean and Antonio aren’t after an answer; it’s the question that drives their discussion. What moves us to take a photo? Can we be stopped in our tracks by our own photography? Why is a photo great to our eyes but not to someone else? Tune in and hang out with Sean and Antonio as they pose more questions about what makes a photo “great” than they can answer. There will be a Part 2.



Sean Justice at Texas State University

Social Character

Episode 72 - "Social Character"

Antonio is pondering the wisdom of social media (yes, again) and whether or not it makes sense to give it all up or to use it that benefits being a photographer. The current trend now has a lot of people shutting down their Instagram accounts and Facebook pages, but does that make sense if all you want to do it share your imagery? Also, he talks about our ever-changing and evolving photographic personalities and how that is reflected in the cameras we choose to use.


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The Write Stuff


On this episode, Antonio speaks with Minnesota-based photographer and podcaster, Dave Szweduik. He’s been a friend of the show for a while now and this chat has been a long time in coming. Lately, Dave’s been putting pen to screen, as it were, writing some incredibly thoughtful (and perhaps a little provocative) blog posts on his photography website. Three recent posts delve into what it means to be a successful photographer, how social media plays a role in that, and the idea that the pressure of creating art may be killing our passion. Dave and Antonio talk about these posts in particular and also about the tasks of maintaining a blog as a photographer. For Dave, writing about his thoughts and feelings about the photographic journey is almost as important as taking the photos themselves.

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"Is the pressure of creating art killing our passion?"

"Photography Success, Chasing The Wrong Dream?"

"The Photographic Long Game : A classic approach to photography"

Digital Soup Podcast


The Why


In this 70th episode, Antonio ponders the "why" in photography. Why do we care about taking pictures? Why do we want to share our photos in social media? Why do we care? Why, why, why? We all would like to know the "why" when we take pictures and why we want to show them and why we keep them. and why we photograph what we photograph. This is more a stream of consciousness than any really defined subject of photography.  Join Antonio on this wondering journey, as he begins this discussion which is sure to continue well past the end of this show. 


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This Photographer Deleted His Social Media with 1.5 Million Followers

All Good Things


Well, the time has come to say adios to Tom as a regular host on Street Shots. In this episode, Antonio and Tom talk about what it's been like to have created such a fun team with Switch to Manual and this podcast. Not a whole lot of practical photography tips spoken about but more about what it's been like for the two of them to have worked together to create STM and what the future will be like with just Antonio hosting the podcast. So grab your favorite beverage and chill with the STM guys on this bittersweet episode. Oh, and it's not all bad news. :)   

Opinions are like…


This week, Antonio scours the photography news site called PetaPixel and adds his two cents about some the recent stories published there. 


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Lightroom Update

Stupid Photography Terms

The B-Word

Peter Lik “Faked” Moon Image

NYC Street Coincidences



In this episode, Antonio is joined by his friend and co-worker Reed Means to discuss the technical and emotional impact of adjusting colors in both film/video and still photography. Tapping into Reed’s extensive experience as a film/video colorist, they talk about how color editing (also called color “grading”) affects our feelings about a visual scene and the information conveyed to a viewer. Color editing in film and still photography share a lot of similar ideas and Antonio and Reed discuss those commonalities and how they can be used to help an artist express themself.


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Film LUTs

Color Harmony

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Behind the scenes of the Hobbit

The Psychology of Color



In this episode, Antonio ponders other podcasts (and shoutouts), new lenses, and image processing. Also, he starts to pave the way for a future episode where he'll discuss the films and TV shows that shape his visual DNA. All this from a late night recording from the STM studios. 



ShutterTime with Sid and Mac

Let's Talk Photography


Machine Nation

In this episode, Antonio follows up on his newest birthday toy, the Polaroid OneStep2. A recent trip with the instant camera changed the way to have fun with a camera, or maybe he rediscovered how to have fun. Also, he discusses a new and perhaps disturbing trend in automated photo editing and processing: machines that learn what a "good" photograph is and tell you how to fix your flawed images. Something to fear or embrace? Antonio is sure to share his opinion about that. The machinations of the algorithm.

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Google Nima: Neural Image Assessment



Show and Tell

In this episode, Antonio shares his latest experience with printing and hanging a show of his street photography at a Brooklyn brewery/gallery. Some tips and lessons learned. Also, after receiving a Polaroid OneStep camera for his birthday, Antonio chats about his new, or we should say renewed, foray into the world of instant photography. 


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