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Dispatches from Green-Wood 9


Yet another Dispatch from Green-Wood. What's new? During this walk I post a small challenge to myself and the rest of you. Also chat a little about my foray into bird photography. You can view more images here:


Some of the hawks I photographed:





Basquiat's grave marker:


Dispatches from Green-Wood 8


Another walk and talk through Green-Wood Cemetery today. This time I'm talking mostly about my addiction to buying lenses during the pandemic and I dive into a couple old stories. It's what I do. :-) Look for the photos I mention in the show here


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Dispatches from Green-Wood, No. 7



Well, I think I've done enough shows from Green-Wood Cemetery to now officially name these segments "Dispatches from Green-Wood." This is dispatch number seven (who knows if I've done six previous ones). So, these are my thoughts about pinhole lenses and how I try to keep my foot in the photography world every day. 

Show Links:

Brooks Jenson Lenswork


Images shot with Thingyfy Pinhole Lenses









Chat with Dan Bailey



This episode I had the great honor of speaking with adventure photographer Dan Bailey. Lately I've been binging his YouTube videos and after I saw enough I realized I needed to talk to this guy. His photography is incredibly compelling and his desire to share his knowledge (through workshops, books and his videos) and inspiring outlook on life is equally so. I had a great time talking to Dan and expect him back on the show sometime in the near future. 




Dan Bailey Photography

Dan's You Tube

X Series Unlimited eBook



Dan's photos:













For The Trees

Things have quieted down a little allowing me some mental space to record a new episode. This show I'm talking about how our relationship with equipment, lenses, apps are quite symbiotic when it comes to sharing our vision with the world. Does the equipment drive us to see the world differently or does it make what we see clearer? Good question, I think. 

Kids and Chairs

Been a while since the last show and I'm taking a walk around Green-Wood again to explain what's going on. Also, a bit of a special treat as some great fourth graders were tasked with writing (very) short stories about a couple of my images, included below. A wonderful treat to have one's images the subject of budding imaginations. So wonderful.




Book Day


I've got my buddy Ward Rosin on the show again. We're catching up on what we're doing during lockdown, including going through our back catalog of images and books we're recommending. 


This episode's links:

Masters of Street Photography

The Phone Book

Long Story Short

Full Moon

Mexico: Between Life and Death

Ward Rosin's Website, Instagram feed and Facebook page.

Droning On

Me again, droning on about what I'm doing.

Check out my YouTube Channel here.


Cooped Up

Like you, I'm cooped up at home with not much to do. Been working at my remote job and that's been keeping me busy. Busy enough to delay publishing this episode. Well, here it is. I hope I can keep you company for a short while.


Sample Gigapixel AI image:




original on left, upsampled on right



original on left, upsampled on right



Upsampled final (downsampled for post)



Topax Gigipixel


The New Yorker


Paying a small tribute to my late friend and photographer, Robert Herman. I recorded this as a YouTube video as well.

If you’re thinking of suicide or know someone who is, please call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255


Robert's sites:

Remembering Robert Herman:

"The New Yorkers" (currently unavailable)

"The Phone Book"

Zack Arias's Channel:

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