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Creative Oasis Redux

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday and my usual hectic schedule, I'm repeating episode 86 from last year's end-of-November show called "Creative Oasis." I'll work on having some fresh content for mid-December but until then, if you haven't already heard this episode, I hope you'll enjoy it. It was a great discussion about creativity and what we can do to spark it in ourselves. Here are the notes from that show: 

When the world around us is too overwhelming, where do we go to find respite? A "creative oasis" perhaps? The definition of an oasis is "something that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast." How can we find these oases? Join me and my buddy Mark Reierson in an intimate discussion of exploration as we try to figure out together where these oases exist and what we can do when we find them. This show comes from an idea I had after being on the ShutterTime podcast with Mac and we explored a subject together while recording the show. It's a slightly new format which I'd like to try again. I hope you find the chat with Mark as fascinating as I did. 


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You Press the Button


This episode, I’ve been inspired by my buddy Bart Busschots podcast where he talks about computational photography and whether or not it actually is photography. My experiences with new iPhone 11 got me thinking about this as well and I thought I’d share my feelings about this subject. 

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The Unusual Collective



I'm joined by my friend Ward Rosin again, this time not for the promised "cage match" but to talk about what taking a trip to an unfamiliar place can do for your shooting. Ward recounts his nine-day visit to Guanajuato City, Mexico in February 2019 and how being there changed the nature of his street shooting style. I also chat a bit about how my recent trip to an upstate town did the same for me but maybe not as profoundly as Ward . We also geek out a little on the new Fuji X-Pro 3 camera and how it might enhance a photo trip to a new place.


Ward Rosin's Website, Instagram feed and Facebook page.


"A WALKER IN HIS SHOES" Antonio M. Rosario - The Unusual Collective


The Pleasures of Limitations


Joining me this episode is Mac from the Shuttertime Podcast. After going through an "existential midlife crisis," Mac talks to me about a photo he created during a recent trip he and his wife took and the limits he placed on himself while on this trip. Sometimes having limits can help to resolve a crisis and help create a once-in-a-lifetime photo. We also catch up on a bunch of other photo stuff.


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Time Trip to 83


Not to 1983 but to episode 83 from last year. Because of a hectic week, my show schedule had gone a little loopy so I decided to replay episode 83 from last October. On that show, I had both Mac Sokulski of the ShutterTime podcast and Mark Reierson (both are also part of the Unusual Collective) where we talked about photo walks. I figured because the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk is this upcoming Saturday, Oct. 5th, replaying this show might be fun for those of you will be participating in that event and didn't hear this show last year. Also, I talk a little about a cool app that's doing some amazing things with the depth features of the newer iPhones.


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Mark Reierson

Worldwide Photo Walk Red Hook, Brooklyn

Focos App

Garry’s Color

A quick show this week as I had life get in the way a little but I did get the chance to visit the Garry Winogrand show at the Brooklyn Museum.


Interview with Garry Winogrand

Lens Me Your Ears


Last show of the summer. Being that I wasn't fully prepared for a show this week, I decided to take a new lens (and you too) on a walk in Green-Wood Cemetery again. While I usually don't cover gear in my show, this was a great excuse to get out walking, shooting, and talking while I gave a new lens a test. It's not a review show and I don't only talk about the lens. Why not join me for a stroll while I share my thoughts about picture taking.



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Red Hook Photo Walk

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Put It Into Gear


A short, mid-summer episode. I'm throwing my hat into the "gear doesn't matter" circus. 


Shuttertime Episode 257

Either Side of the Camera


 This episode I’m joined again by my friend Ward Rosin as we take a deep dive into possibly one of the unsung heroes of photo history, Edward Steichen.




Ward Rosin's Website, Instagram feed and Facebook page.

The Fighting Lady on YouTube

Family of Man scan to PDF 

Lehman College/CUNY critical revisiting of Family of Man

Chronology of MoMA to 1964


The Delights of Seeing


This episode is just you and me today and is a slight followup to my deep dive with Ward Rosin into the work of Walker Evans. Lately, I've found myself "channeling" Evans as I photograph my neighborhood and a small, upstate NY town. I'm wondering what's going to come of this and am I imitating Evans, emulating him, or just shooting in a style he made popular.  

Show Links:

Flickr Gallery Hudson, NY 2018

Flickr Gallery Hudson, NY 2019