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Who Am I?

July 16, 2018


In this special episode, I continue a conversation started on episode 203 of Shuttertime with Sid and Mac. A mashup of sorts, Sid and Mac invited me onto their show and rather than make it one long show, we decided to record it in two parts, the second part here on Street Shots.


The question we ponder is what kind of photographer do you want to be? We chat about all the different paths we can take when we decided to make photography our expressive medium of choice. We also take some inspiration from this video of photographer Jay Maisel talking about how to be a better photographer.


Before you listen to this episode, please go here and listen to part one on Shuttertime with Sid and Mac. Please give me some feedback if you enjoyed this mashup or not. We may do it again in the future to promote cross-border podcasting goodness.