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Shiny Stuff and Lartigue

February 29, 2020



Another busy freelance week means I'm rebroadcasting a show from last April, with me and Ward Rosin doing a deep dive on Jacques-Henri Lartigue. Also, a quick update on some future plans and shiny objects that are distracting me. 


Bryan Minear's X-T4 Preview


Here are the notes from Episode 96 regarding Lartigue:


In this episode, I'm joined by my buddy Ward Rosin and we do a deep dive into the photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue. 

Ward and I touch on many aspects of Lartigue's work including his love of speed and his use of one of the first color photography processes called "Autochrome." We make some interesting discoveries during our chat and I'm sure you will too as you listen to us both talk about a photographer we've admired for a long time.

This is the first of what will be a regular feature on Street Shots. The idea of talking about interesting and exceptional photographers with a buddy has been something I've wanted to do on the show for a while now. Any feedback is appreciated. 

Show Links:

Ward Rosin's Website, Instagram feed and Facebook page.

Ted Forbes “TheArt of Photography” - "The Color Photography of Jacques-Henri Lartigue"

Ted Forbes “TheArt of Photography” - "Lartigue"

Autochrome Process

Explanation of the distortion in the racing image.

Guardian article on Lartigue

Boyhood photos of J.H. Lartigue

Book - Lartigue: Life in Color