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Poetry of Coincidence Redux

March 16, 2019


This week since I'm not feeling that great, rather than have no episode, I decided to rerun one of our earlier shows with an interview with photographer and podcaster, Marco Larousse. Tom and I interviewed Marco over two episodes but I glued them together to make it just one show. Yes, that means Tom is back! Here are the show notes from those episodes:

Marco started taking pictures as a young teen and has never looked back. Digital and film are part of his repertoire and despite some of the differences shooting in Germany versus the U.S. (particularly with privacy laws), Marco and the Switch to Manual guys find they share the same passion for capturing images from the street. His striking photography along with his Fuji X Files blog (where he shares techniques, tips, and reviews of Fujifilm's great X-series cameras) helped him gain a rare slot as an official Fujifilm X Photographer.

Marco’s work can be found on his website where you can also check out his Fuji X Files blog. It’s a  wonderful resource if you own a Fuji X camera and if you don't own one, you'll probably going to want to get one after reading it. Marco can also be found on Twitter and on Flickr.

UPDATE: Marco can also be found on his podcasting site