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“Mirrors and Windows” Interview with Keith Goldstein


In this episode, Antonio does a one-on-one with photographer and long-time friend, Keith Goldstein. Keith is a prolific New York City street photographer well known for his series titled “Looking on, Watching the Building of the Freedom Tower.” Antonio and Keith discuss some of the delicate issues related to street shooting and also tap into the emotional expressionism that can come from it. Even if street shooting is not your thing, you'll want to hear how Keith uses his photography to mirror how he feels and what's happening in his life. 


One Camera, One Lens. No Problem


The Switch to Manual Guys are back in the saddle with this first episode of 2016. It just so happens that Antonio and Tom were both out of the country and both decided to travel with only one camera and one lens. Antonio brought his trusted Fuji X100T and Tom brought his Canon 5D Mark II with a 40mm f/2.8 pancake-style portrait lens. Listen in to see how restricting themselves in this way forced them both to get creative just a single lens and with the manual controls of the camera. And don't miss the new feature as they both share a quote from a photographer they like and reflect on its meaning. In this episode Tom shares a quote by the great landscape photographer Ansel Adams while Antonio lifts up the urban street shooting master, Elliott Erwitt. 

Oh, and some exciting news from Tom!

(Apologies for the street noise on Antonio's side. He does live in New York so it's sometimes unavoidable)



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Treasure Beach, Jamaica<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

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True Confessions


While Tom is away at school, Antonio has the keys to the podcast again and he thought he might squeeze in one more episode before the end of the year going over his photography "recipe," letting loose on his Fuji/mobile/black and white photo workflow. Having spent most of his time on Allison Sheridan's Chit Chat Across the Pond podcast eluding the specific question of his black and white workflow, Antonio is making up for that by spilling the beans about how he goes from the camera to his final shot. Since this is mainly a workflow episode, it's devoted to his use of the Fuji X100T camera and Google's Snap Seed photo processing app on the iPad. Tune in if you want to learn some of his street shooting and processing secrets. 

Also, this is the last Street Shots episode of 2015. The STM boys will be back in 2016 with a great lineup of guests and photography topics. Until then, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!




So it's the holiday season and you’re itching to get that shiny new camera working, but you don't want to take yet another holiday "snapshot." The Switch to Manual Guys have a few thoughts about how to have fun by tapping into your unique creative eye. Also, they share some of their favorite quotes from inspiring photographers. And if you get inspired and take something you like, share it and get featured along with others from the STM "Street Shots" podcast listening audience.


Shutter Time with Sid and Mac

Desert Palm UUC Photo Workshop

Let's Talk Photography Podcast

Antonio's Flickr

Michael Kenna Photographer

Photograph the Familiar


Is your photography starting to feel like the movie, Groundhog Day? Are you shooting the same subject over and over and over? If so, you’re gonna love episode 33 of Street Shots which is all about “finding novelty in the familiar.” Most photographers know that feeling of seeing something familiar and thinking, ‘been there, done that.’ And while sometimes letting an image go can create an opportunity to capture something else entirely, sometimes the challenge is finding novelty in the familiar. How might you discover a fresh perspective? This episode offers some hints through reference to Antonio’s images of the Brooklyn Bridge and Tom’s documentation of social protest.

Hotel worker protest in Tempe, AZ. (photo by Tom Martinez)
Yemen war protest, NYC (photo by Tom Martinez)

Brooklyn Bridge (photo by Antonio M. Rosario)
Locks on the Brooklyn Bridge (photo by Antonio M. Rosario)
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Photo Plus Expo 2015


This episode, Antonio visits the Photo Plus Expo in NYC and gives a small report from the field. The PPE is one of the largest photography trade shows in the US and has always taken place in NYC in late October. Many photography-related companies attend to show off new camera gear and accessories and so much more. It's a great event to attend to take seminars, meet other photographers, play with new stuff and just recharge your photographic juices. Antonio traveled the show floor and found some neat gadgets to share from companies you probably haven't heard of. In his field report (his first for this podcast), he interviews the folks at BeastgripiBlazr and MIOPS. Beastgrip makes a cage/grip for your smartphone, allowing you to attach a myriad of accessories which increases the photographic functionality of your smartphone. iBlazr makes a small, nifty Bluetooth-enabled flash also for your smartphone, or DSLR. MIOPS created a remote trigger for your camera that can be activated by lightning, sound, or even a laser beam.

(the Photo Expo at the Javits Center in NYC)
(The BeastGrip)
(iBlazr light)
(MIOPS remote trigger)

A Little Rusty


The STM guys are back together and they’re just a little on the rusty side. Tom made it safely across the country to his new home base and Antonio fired up Skype and Street Shots is back in business. Now that they’re separated by 2,000+ miles, they realize how important it is to maintain a sense of community between them despite the distance. In this episode the Switch to Manual guys talk about the value of larger photographic community, both as a source of inspiration and just plain fun. From the NYC Photo Expo to Brooklyn's Photoville and small meetups in between, communities of shutterbugs offer great opportunities to learn and share your work.


Photoville in Brooklyn


STM Coney Island photo walk


World Wide Photo Walk, 2015, Red Hook, Brooklyn


Tom's hat somewhere on the road in Oklahoma


Tom and his loyal boy, Johnny Cash, on the road somewhere in Tennessee

Fuji Fifties


On this special 30th episode, Antonio invites friend and podcasting mentor, Victor Cajiao (from the Terra Tech podcast), to fill in for Tom while he settles into his new digs. Victor and Antonio discuss what it’s like using the newest of Fujifilm's “X" cameras and what this has done to their photographic vision. Photographers often succumb to "gear acquisition syndrome" (GAS), but no matter what anyone says about gear, cameras are an essential tool that helps to shape a photographer’s visual style, be it landscape or street photography. Tune in and listen to how this one particular brand of camera has set both Victor and Antonio on a journey they didn’t necessarily expect.

Victor's photos:
Villa Del Palmar-80.jpg
Isla Mujeres-148.jpg
Isla Mujeres-91.jpg
Isla Mujeres-142.jpg
Tomfoolery in Huntington Beach-16.jpg
Antonio's photos:

Putnam, CT
Woodstock, CT
Vincent's Barbershop
My old camera collection
World Wide Photo Walk 2015

The Switch to Manual Guys:

The Switch to Manual guys.

Antonio and Victor:

Me and Victor Cajiao

Quote that Antonio forgot - 

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lang

Articles about Fuji:

Victor Cajiao Links:

The Light Mappers


Photography at its most basic is about capturing light. There are all kinds of light: natural, artificial, diffused, transmitted, reflected, ambient, and so on. In this episode of Street Shots, listen to Antonio and Tom discuss what kind of light turns them on and how they go about capturing it. It’ll prove to be an illuminating show. And apologies for the bad puns.

Seeing with Fresh Eyes


Tom has an announcement which leads us into this week's discussion. We all know the thrill of going somewhere new to take in and photograph the sights. You tend to notice all kinds of colors and textures, landscapes and people. But how do we walk through our familiar environs with that same level of creative awareness?  Join the Switch to Manual Guys as they brainstorm and toss out some helpful suggestions. 

Red Hook<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

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