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Turner, Learning and Walking


Episode 61 and Antonio is on his own again. This show he speaks about Pete Turner, a commercial and fine art photographer who recenty passed away and had a big influence on Antonio's color work. Also, Antonio talks a bit about his street photography class and asks the Street Shots audience for some help. Finally, next week is the Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk and Antonio talks about leading a walk in Green-Wood Cemetery.



Pete Turner

Worldwide Photo Walk

Diamond Episode


The Switch to Manual guys celebrate their 60th episode; their "Diamond Episode." Antonio and Tom chat about all sorts of stuff: how Switch to Manual started, how the podcast began, what it really means to shoot in manual, some awesome photo book Tom found, and previews of what's to come on the podcast. So grab your favorite beverage and join the STM guys for a great chat between good friends.

Artifact of Light


Not a real episode, per se; just a filler until Antonio & Tom record their 60th episode in the next week. Until then, Antonio wanted to close out the summer with a short update show talking about an interesting photographic expericence he had this past weekend: getting his and his wife's portrait made in an old fashioned method called a "tintype." 

Hold the Phone!


We’re sure you’ve heard this before: which is better, an iPhone camera or a DSLR? There are endless debates about this question. Pixel peeping, increasing megapixels, accessibility, portability, the list goes on.  The STM guys don’t plan to rehash this ongoing discussion.

In this episode, Antonio and Tom try to tackle this question from a slightly different perspective; what is it like to actively choose to take photographs using your phone instead of a traditional camera and why would you choose to do so? Because we’re so quick these days to take photos with our phone and not think twice about it, are we handing off our real world experiences to our digital devices? By choosing to photograph the world using a device which you keep with you constantly are you forgetting what you capture and relegating your visual memories to a digital shoebox? 


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World Wide Photo Walk


Shuttertime with Sid and Mac

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Processed Feelings


In this episode, Antonio talks about two great art exhibits he went to this past weekend: photographer Irving Penn at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and painter Georgia O'Keeffe at the Brooklyn Museum. Then, in the meaty part of the show, Antonio speaks about what he's really trying to depict when he photographs: reality or feelings? Showing a friend how he processed his photos made him wonder whether he was revealing too much about how he interprets what he sees and photographs. If he's not showing reality then maybe he's showing how he felt.

The Changing Landscape


Antonio is joined by long time STM friend, photographer Jean Miele. In this episode, Jean and Antonio discuss the current landscape of digital photography education. Lately, there's been a shift away from people devoting themselves to learning photography applications like Photoshop and Lightroom. More and more, emerging photographers and veterans alike are seeking out how to use these tools and their equipment to create the images that have the most meaning to them by relying more on intuition and inspiration rather than technique. Listen to Antonio and Jean as they try to hash out what this means for photography education in general and their own photographs in specific. 


Show Links: 

Jean Miele

Anderson Ranch Art Center - From "Almost" to "WOW" Lightroom & Photoshop Workshop

North Country Studio Workshops - Visual Alchemy Workshop

Jean Miele Private Lessons

Jean Miele Photographer, Facebook

Language of Lenses


The lens you use says a lot about what how you express yourself in your photographs. Each lens has its own vocabulary, its own “language,” as it were. In this episode, Antonio is joined by the fabulous Mac Sokulski from the Shuttertime with Sid and Mac podcast. Antonio and Mac talk about how they use lenses to say something about the pictures they take. Wide angles, telephotos, portrait lenses; each adds its own words to the language of photography.

Lonely Streets


In this special 55th episode, Antonio interviews Virginia-based photographer Jeffrey Stone, a fellow street shooter who he recently followed on Instagram. Inspired by such great photographers as Ernst Haas and Saul Leiter, Jeff has only recently started seriously pursuing his love of street shooting. Posting daily on Instagram under his “Lonely.Streets” name, Jeffrey’s graphic and thought provoking black and white images stand out among the flood of urban imagery uploaded to the social media site. Antonio was able to convince Jeff to put his camera down for a moment and join him in a pleasant conversation about what it’s truly like to shoot on the lonely streets.


Links from show:

Jeffrey Stone

Jeff’s Instagram page

Andy Goldsworthy

Saul Leiter

Ernst Haas - color correction book Ernst Haas Color Correction

Michael Kenna

Special Affects


In this episode, Antonio and Tom discuss those images which have had some profound affect on their both of their lives. Both Switch to Manual guys grew up in an era where certain images had longevity and prominence. But in this day of image over-saturation, what are the pictures that stand out, that have meaning? Which are the ones we cut out of magazines and hang on our wall to look at every day? What are the images we contemplate and sometimes send our lives on a new path? Tom and Antonio discuss a few of the photos, both personal and other, which have had a special affect on them.

What’s Your Profile?


What are picture profiles, also known as "film simulations" on some cameras, "presets" and "filters" in image processing software? What’s the point of applying picture profiles to the photos you take? Is it only to simulate film looks from the past or are there other purposes to altering the look and color of your digital pictures?

In this special episode, Antonio is joined by friend and long time Podcaster, Bart Busschots from the Let's Talk Photography podcast. Listen to Bart and Antonio as they discuss whether or not these color settings are just marketing gimmicks by camera manufacturers and app makers or have some definite place in your creative toolbox.