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Rule The Streets


Antonio decides to share his street photography "rules of thumb" on this episode of Street Shots.  While not hard and fast rules, per se, these guidelines were compiled from Antonio's extensive experience of finding great photos on the street. From "knowing your gear" to learning that "perfect is the enemy of good," he goes through some of the principles that guide his street shooting on a daily basis. 


To STM or Not to STM


Since Tom’s away on a well deserved vacation, Antonio is joined this episode by one of the great hosts of that fabulous photography podcast, “ShutterTime with Sid & Mac,” Mac Sokulski (long considered as one of the STM guys’ Canadian cousins). Prompted by a slightly heated Twitter discussion, Antonio and Mac ponder the the question whether or not switching to manual is actually a good idea for beginning photographers. Does one really need to learn how to use the manual settings on a camera to be a better photographer, or is doing so just a needless complexity. Tune in for this STM existential conversation and find out if you really do need to switch to manual.

Switch to Mirrorless?


On this 44th episode, the STM guys take on the discussion of mirrorless cameras. Because of a hand injury, Tom has been considering a mirrorless camera as a secondary body because of their light weight and ease of use. He asks Antonio of his experiences with Fuji mirrorless cameras and what he recommends as a starter camera. Their discussion covers just what a mirrorless camera is in the first place, what are the advantages and disadvantages, which manufacturer makes them and can they really replace the larger DSLRs? At some point the boys disagree (rather animatedly) about the merits and drawbacks of the smaller APS-C sensors that exist in most mirrorless cameras. This is a full-on gear geek episode along with a couple of thought provoking photographer quotes at the end.

Skill or Talent?


Is photography a skill or talent? Antonio is on his own today exploring the question of whether or not photography is a technical skill that can be learned by anyone or a talent that's innate or perhaps some combination of both. Does training make one a talented photographer or does talent come naturally to this highly technical branch of the arts? The question is not an easy one to answer and Antonio has certainly only scratched the surface of what could be a very controversial subject.


Many Mickles Make a Muckle


Many mickles make a muckle. What the heck does that mean? Well, it's an archaic phrase meaning many small things add up to one big thing. In this episode of Street Shots, the Switch to Manual guys discuss all the small things photographer Steve McCurry has done lately to put himself in one big mess. Is he a photojournalist or a "visual storyteller?" Does it really matter, with all that's going on in the world, that McCurry has been "caught" altering his images using Photoshop? Who's it harming? Is he a phoney? Well, the STM guys raise some of these questions in the hope that we can all learn something about what it means to be a photographer in these days of chasing "likes" and the siren song of image manipulation software. 

It's new for Antonio and Tom to discuss breaking news in the photo world, but they thought they throw their hats into the McCurry debate, not necessarily to judge or criticize (though there might be just a tad bit of that in the mix) but to discuss what it means to be true to yourself, and the rest of the world, about the images you create and the kind of photographer you want to be.



Off to Market


Do you have images that might be worth something sitting on your computer? Why not put them out in the world where keyword searches will get them in front of folks who might want to buy them with the click of a mouse! As a former stock photography editor, Antonio knows the ropes and talks Tom through the process. If you've ever wondered how you might go about  getting your images out into the world and/or could use a few extra bucks rolling in each month, this is a must listen!

“Transitions” - Interview with Jim Goldstein

On this 40th Street Shots episode Tom's away but Antonio has a peer-to-peer conversation with San Franciso-based photographer Jim Goldstein. Jim is well known for his landscape and travel work as well as his extensive social media presence which he uses as a platform to share his wealth of knowledge about shooting and the photographic process. He talks with Antonio about his transition from film to digital and, at least experimentally, back to film again. Jim also has an incredible portfolio of astrophotography work and Antonio gets him to share some of his techniques and experiences in making these fantastic photos. So, grab a beverage, pull up a stool and join Antonio and Jim as they chat about their favorite mutual subject: making great photos. 
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Mash Up!


In this special episode, Tom and Antonio team up with their Canadian counterparts, Sid and Mac, from the fabulous ShutterTime photography podcast to make a super mega mashup show. The STM guys have long been fans of Sid and Mac’s podcast and this joint episode is the first of hopefully many more joint podcasts to come. In this show, the ShutterTime crew and STM guys discuss whether or not it’s worth creating and having a physical photography portfolio. They discuss the merits and advantages of printing your work to show to potential clients or even just to have for yourself. Also, the idea of whether or not to have separate portfolios to cover the different aspects of your photography is touched upon.

The show is a little longer than usual but the hour does go by fast. Too fast. So tune in and check out what this American/Canadian photo mashup has in store. Please leave us feedback  in the comments section whether or not we’ve succeeded in combining these two fabulous podcasts.


Dream On

In this episode, Antonio and Tom take some time to share with the listeners the photo projects and jobs they each dream of doing. What are the obstacles that get in the way and what do you need to do to make your dream photo project come to pass. Sometimes it’s the fear of rejection that can get in the way of pursuing your dream job or could it be something else? Antonio talks about a current situation where he’s pushing a suggestion as far as it can go and Tom reminisces about his first newspaper job. It’s a bit of an inspiring ramble as the STM guys try to fulfill their photographic dreams. Also in the new “Photo Quote” segment, they each have chosen a quote from a famous, or not-so-famous, photographer and talk about what it means to them. 


“Mirrors and Windows” Interview with Keith Goldstein


In this episode, Antonio does a one-on-one with photographer and long-time friend, Keith Goldstein. Keith is a prolific New York City street photographer well known for his series titled “Looking on, Watching the Building of the Freedom Tower.” Antonio and Keith discuss some of the delicate issues related to street shooting and also tap into the emotional expressionism that can come from it. Even if street shooting is not your thing, you'll want to hear how Keith uses his photography to mirror how he feels and what's happening in his life.