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Mash Up!

March 23, 2016

In this special episode, Tom and Antonio team up with their Canadian counterparts, Sid and Mac, from the fabulous ShutterTime photography podcast to make a super mega mashup show. The STM guys have long been fans of Sid and Mac’s podcast and this joint episode is the first of hopefully many more joint podcasts to come. In this show, the ShutterTime crew and STM guys discuss whether or not it’s worth creating and having a physical photography portfolio. They discuss the merits and advantages of printing your work to show to potential clients or even just to have for yourself. Also, the idea of whether or not to have separate portfolios to cover the different aspects of your photography is touched upon.

The show is a little longer than usual but the hour does go by fast. Too fast. So tune in and check out what this American/Canadian photo mashup has in store. Please leave us feedback  in the comments section whether or not we’ve succeeded in combining these two fabulous podcasts.