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Many Mickles Make a Muckle

June 1, 2016

Many mickles make a muckle. What the heck does that mean? Well, it's an archaic phrase meaning many small things add up to one big thing. In this episode of Street Shots, the Switch to Manual guys discuss all the small things photographer Steve McCurry has done lately to put himself in one big mess. Is he a photojournalist or a "visual storyteller?" Does it really matter, with all that's going on in the world, that McCurry has been "caught" altering his images using Photoshop? Who's it harming? Is he a phoney? Well, the STM guys raise some of these questions in the hope that we can all learn something about what it means to be a photographer in these days of chasing "likes" and the siren song of image manipulation software. 

It's new for Antonio and Tom to discuss breaking news in the photo world, but they thought they throw their hats into the McCurry debate, not necessarily to judge or criticize (though there might be just a tad bit of that in the mix) but to discuss what it means to be true to yourself, and the rest of the world, about the images you create and the kind of photographer you want to be.